X-Ray Assistant Initial Licensure

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64B18-24, Florida Administrative Code - Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistants

64B18-24.001 Initial Certification for Podiatric X-Ray Assistants
(1) Each applicant for initial certification as a podiatric x-ray assistant shall submit an application, on form DH-MQA 1026, entitled, “Application for Certified Podiatric X-ray Assistant,” http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-09072, which is hereby incorporated by reference, effective 05/2017, copies of which may be obtained from the web at http://floridaspodiatricmedicine.gov/applications/podiatric-medicine-xray-asst-app.pdf:

(a) A certification fee of $75.00; and,

(b) The name(s) of the applicant’s supervising Florida licensed podiatric physician(s).

(2) Any change of supervisor must be reported by the applicant/certified podiatric x-ray assistant to the Board within 30 days of the change on form DH-MQA 1118, entitled, “Update Supervisor for Certified Podiatric X-ray Assistant,” which is hereby incorporated by reference effective 2/2008, and can be obtained from the Board of Podiatric Medicine’s website http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/podiatry/po_applications.html.
(3) The Board shall verify successful passage of the course and examination required by Section 461.0135, F.S., prior to issuance of the podiatric x-ray assistant certification.

Section 461.003(2), Florida Statutes, Definitions. "Certified podiatric X-ray assistant” means a person who is employed by and under the direct supervision of a licensed podiatric physician to perform only those radiographic functions that are within the scope of practice of a podiatric physician licensed under this chapter. For purposes of this subsection, the term “direct supervision” means supervision whereby a podiatric physician orders the X-ray, remains on the premises while the X- ray is being performed and exposed, and approves the work performed before dismissal of the patient.

Section 461.0135, Florida Statutes. Operation of X-ray machines by podiatric X-ray assistants. — A licensed podiatric physician may utilize an X-ray machine, expose X-ray films, and interpret or read such films. The provision of part IV of chapter 468 to the contrary notwithstanding, a licensed podiatric physician may authorize or direct a certified podiatric X-ray assistant to operate such equipment and expose such films under the licensed podiatric physician’s direction and supervision, pursuant to rules adopted by the board in accordance with s. 461.004, which ensures that such certified podiatric X-ray assistant is competent to operate such equipment in a safe and efficient manner by reason of training, experience, and passage of a board-approved course which includes an examination. The board shall issue a certificate to an individual who successfully completes the board-approved course and passes the examination to be administered by the training authority upon completion of such course.