FPMA Blast Emails

FPMA communicates with its members in various ways. One of the methods we use is Blast emails. Below is a description of the different types of Blast emails we send out to our members on a regular basis.

The FPMA Alert was inaugurated in October, 2014. FPMA uses this form of communication to keep its members abreast of important events, upcoming educational opportunities, Medicare updates, and a variety of other urgent and critical information that needs to be sent out in a timely manner. These emails are sent to FPMA members via the email address fpmaalert@fpma.com.

The FPMA Wire (now known as the "News You Can Use" or NYCU enewsletter) was inaugurated in January, 2013. This biweekly enewsletter is used to inform FPMA members about news and important information that is not necessarily of an urgent nature, but might be of interest to them. These enewsletters are sent to FPMA members via the email address nycu@fpma.com.

Informational Blast emails are used to send reminders and miscellaneous information to our members. These emails are sent out via the email address importantinfo@fpma.com.


Set Up Your Email Program to Accept FPMA Blast Emails

If you are a current FPMA member and have not been receiving Blast emails from FPMA, this may be due to three possible reasons: 1) FPMA does not have your current email address in our database, 2) you may have previously requested to Unsubscribe to FPMA emails, or 3) your email program might be categorizing FPMA Blast Emails as junk emails before you even see them.

Please Note: Sharing an email address with other FPMA members can also result in your not receiving emails from FPMA, as our email system only sends out one email per email address. We recommend that you submit a personal email address to FPMA so you will successfully receive all email correspondence from us.

FPMA updates its membership database whenever members notify the FPMA office of changes to their contact information. If your email address has recently changed, please contact the FPMA office at 850.224.4085 and let us know.

FPMA recommends that you check the Junk E-mail Options in your current email program. You can use Safe Sender, or a similar feature, to enter all FPMA email addresses - fpmaalert@fpma.com, nycu@fpma.com, and importantinfo@fpma.com - so your email program will accept Blast emails sent by FPMA rather than categorizing them as spam and sending them to your Junk E-mail bin.