Request Presentation Materials

FPMA has PowerPoint Slideshow Presentations and Reproducibles available to members at no cost. These can either be emailed to you upon request or copied to a CD and mailed to you. Members can also borrow one or more of three different FPMA displays for presentations, health fairs, etc. For more information (and to view pictures of the displays), see below.

Many of the available PowerPoint Slideshow Presentations can be personalized with a member's information, such as office location(s), personal credentials, and contact information. Members can add their own clinical slides to the presentations as well. This makes it easy to gear presentations toward a particular audience.

PowerPoint Slideshow Presentations (PDF format)

Reproducibles are handouts that members can print, copy, and provide to patients, presentation attendees, and health fair participants. This is a less expensive alternative to handing out pricey pamphlets and brochures.

FPMA members have over 200 reproducibles to choose from, including documents concerning Teen Foot Care, Diabetic Foot Care, and Podiatric Sports Medicine. If you don't see information about a particular topic, contact the FPMA Public Affairs/Website Coordinator to request it.

Reproducibles - General List in Alphabetical Order (PDF Format)

Reproducibles - List by Subject (PDF Format)

To contact the FPMA Public Affairs/Website Coordinator to order any of these items, or to request additional items,
click here
or call 1-800-277-3338.

FPMA has six 24" x 80" retractable banner stands (displays) in three designs that members can borrow for health fairs and other events. These displays are pictured below:

FPMA Display #1 FPMA Display #2 FPMA Display #3
FPMA Display #1
FPMA Display #2
FPMA Display #3