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FPMA Advocacy on the Road Initiative

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This summer's Advocacy on the Road Initiative is a pillar of FPMA President Dr. Alissa Zdancewicz's presidential platform. Dr. Zdancewicz and FPMA Government and Legislative Affairs Chairmen, Drs. Ed Fazekas and Andre Williams, are making the rounds this summer, attending FPMA component meetings and visiting with membership. They will work with FPMA Lobbyists to bring Florida House and Senate members to FPMA component meetings to familiarize them with what Podiatric Physicians do and the important role Podiatric Physicians play in providing overall foot health.

FPMA Dade Component members welcomed
Rep. Juan Carlos Porras
to their August 8th component meeting

Dade Component Members with Rep. Porras
Dade Component Members with Rep. Porras
Rep. Tommy Gregory and FPMA President Alissa Zdancewicz, DPM
FPMA Manasota Component members welcomed
Rep. Tommy Gregory
to their August 15th component meeting

Rep. Tommy Gregory

FPMA Broward Component members welcomed
Rep. Hillary Cassel
to their August 16th component meeting

Broward Component Members with Rep. Cassel
Rep. Hillary Cassel
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The Florida Department of Health’s (DOH) Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) recently sent out information concerning Legislation Impacting Health Care Professions. To review this information, click on the links below.

May 22, 2023 Lunch and Learn graphic
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On May 22, 2023, Jason Winn, Esq., FPMA General Counsel, presented a webinar entitled
"2023 Florida Legislative Session & State/Federal Regulation Update"

To access the PowerPoint Presentation slide pages from this webinar, click HERE

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The Florida Podiatry Political Committee (FPPC) is the Florida state recognized independent arm of FPMA, created to provide financial support to bipartisan candidates for the Florida House and Senate. These officials decide how Podiatric Medicine is practiced in Florida. To find out more about Florida Podiatry PC, click here.

FPPC Legislative Goals

  • Continue to protect the current Podiatry Practice Act - F.S. 461
  • Support "Any Willing Provider" legislation and sponsors
  • Explore legislative support for "Physician Payment Parity" bill
  • Lobbying defense against adverse practice legislation
  • Provide campaign assistance to ProPodiatry legislators

The Florida Podiatry PC created a Podiatric Fact Sheet, which is supplied to all of the candidates FPMA supports so when they are faced with medical legislation, Florida Podiatry will be included. Click here to access the Florida Podiatry PC Fact Sheet.

FPPC Victories

  • Expanded Practice act for surgery to the tibial tubercle and defeated legislation reducing practice scope to "Foot and Ankle"
  • Changed Florida Statutes from Podiatry to Podiatric Physician
  • Insurance Statutes - Direct Podiatry access without referral
  • Successfully kept Podiatrists included in the Medicaid budget
  • 90% success rate in electing PAC supported candidates

How You Can Contribute to FPPC

FPPC protects your practice rights and is involved in:

  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Insurance Advocacy
  • Regulatory Advocacy
  • Legislator DPM Education
  • Podiatry Statute Defense

There are now four ways you can make a contribution to FPPC:

  • FPMA members can include a contribution to FPPC when they are making their annual dues payment (a voluntary contribution amount of $125.00 is listed on the dues invoice and can be included with the dues payment).
  • Text "podiatrypac" to (800) 500-5858.
  • Donate online by clicking HERE.
  • Donate by scanning the following QR code.             FPPC QR Code


State of Florida Advocacy Links

FPMA Legislative Checklist

FPMA Office Visit Request Sample Letter

Online Sunshine (Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature)

List of Florida Senators (by County)

List of Representatives of the Florida House (by County)


FPMA Key Legislative Contacts

If you are interested in becoming an FPMA Key Legislative Contact, please email the FPMA Governmental & Legislative Affairs committee co-chairs, Drs. Terence McDonald or Andre Williams, at or call FPMA Executive Director Karen Lambert directly at 850.224.4085.

APMA Advocacy Resources

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Legislative Advocacy department and Legislative Committee provide members with current information about federal legislative issues. Click on the links below for more information.

APMA Federal Advocacy Information

APMA eAdvocacy Website


The APMA State Advocacy program area was established to assist APMA state components and members in their legislative efforts as well as to advance the priorities of Podiatric Medicine through legal and regulatory advocacy. Check out the links below for more information on APMA state advocacy.

APMA State Advocacy Information

Information About Grassroots Advocacy

APMA State Laws & Regulations Information

APMA Center for Professional Advocacy