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Florida Podiatry PC Endorsed Candidates

The Florida Podiatry Political Committee is the state-recognized independent arm of the Florida Podiatry profession, created to provide financial election support to bipartisan candidates for the Florida House and Senate. Since elected officials decide how Podiatric Medicine is practiced in Florida, one of the goals of the Florida Podiatry PC is to be sure that those legislators are cognizant of the full scope of education, training, and experience of Podiatric Physicians practicing in the State of Florida.

Florida Podiatry PC has graciously provided a listing, by district, of those candidates and/or incumbents who have demonstrated understanding and support of the Podiatric profession. Florida Podiatry PC asks that you take these individuals into consideration when you vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Click HERE to find out which candidates the Florida Podiatry PC is endorsing.

Rep. Chaney Social Media Post
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To view the results of the 2022 Florida Primary candidates the Florida Podiatry PC included in its Election Guide, click HERE.

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Meet the Candidates Forum at The National

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association hosted a Meet the Candidates Forum during the APMA National conference, held at the Orlando World Center Marriott, on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30, 2022.

Developing relationships early with a candidate or incumbent through a meet and greet can be a real help in influencing future public policy decisions. Since a strong personal relationship with policymakers is essential to successful grassroots advocacy, this forum was an effective tool for building long-term relationships. In addition, a platform such as FPMA’s Meet the Candidates Forum can help participants evaluate candidates for elective office, while serving as an opportunity for candidates to deliver their political messages and policy positions, and increase their visibility.

FPMA last held the Meet the Candidates Forum in 2020, and fully intends to continue on a two-year cycle moving forward.


Photos from the 2022 FPMA Meet the Candidates Event

Photos from 2022 Meet the Candidates Event

1. Candidate Jennifer Canady (R) House District 50 (Pictured left to right): Matthew Werd, DPM, Jennifer Canady, Ed Fazekas, DPM, James Koon, DPM

2. Representative Kristen Arrington (D-46) (Pictured left to right): Bill Beaton, DPM, Representative Kristen Arrington, David Schweibish, DPM

3. Candidate Carolina Amesty (R) House District 45 (Pictured left to right): Carolina Amesty, Andre Williams, DPM

4. Candidate Susan Plascencia (R) House District 37 (Pictured left to right): Susan Plascencia, Alissa Zdancewiz, DPM, David Schweibish, DPM, Cary Zinkin, DPM

5. Representative Daisy Morales (D-48) (Pictured left to right): Representative Daisy Morales, Chris Hansen

6. Representative Tyler Sirois (R-51) (Pictured left to right): Representative Tyler Sirois, David Schweibish, DPM

7. Congressman Darren Soto (D-9) (Pictured left to right): Cary Zinkin, DPM, Chris Hansen, Congressman Darren Soto, Chris Reeves, DPM

8. Senator Victor Torres (D-15) (Pictured left to right): Bill Beaton, DPM,Senator Victor Torres


9. Representative Melony Bell (R-56) (Pictured left to right): Cary Zinkin, DPM, Ed Fazekas, DPM, Representative Melony Bell, Alissa Zdancewiz, DPM

Vern Buchanan Update

As you are aware, Congressman Vern Buchanan (FL) is poised to be the next Chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee. This committee has jurisdiction over all taxation, tariffs, and other revenue-raising measures, as well as a number of other programs including Social Security, unemployment benefits, and Medicare. The Ways and Means Committee is the primary House committee with oversight of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which sets the rules for participating in these programs. Anytime our national organization has regulatory problems at CMS that they are unable to resolve directly with CMS, they turn to the members of the Ways and Means Committee for help.

Congressman Buchanan was scheduled to appear on Friday, July 29, 2022 at the APMA National conference to greet contributors in person. Regretfully, a House floor vote on assault weapons was called late on Friday, which required that he stay in Washington, DC to cast his vote. The Congressman expressed his deepest regrets and will work with both APMA and FPMA to reschedule in-person events, both in DC and Florida, in the coming weeks.

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association wishes to thank all of you who graciously provided a contribution to Congressman Buchanan. This was the first time we have endeavored something of this magnitude, and with your support we were successful in this venture. Please standby for updates on the Congressman’s forthcoming event here in the Sunshine State. 


COVID Legislative Update graphic

Legislative Update: Health care workers will be protected from COVID-19 lawsuits until June 1, 2023.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law nine bills, including a highly sought-after bill that extends protections from COVID-19 liability lawsuits for
nursing homes, hospitals, and doctors. For more information, click HERE.

Florida Legislative Special Session 2021 B Update

  • On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, just three days after commencing the 2021 Special Session B, the Florida Legislature concluded all business geared toward establishing guardrails surrounding COVID mandates. In all, the Legislature passed four bills - HB 1B, HB 3B, HB 5B, and HB 7B. This legislation passed largely along party lines.
  • The bills have been submitted to the Governor for his consideration. Governor DeSantis has until November 24, 2021 to act upon the legislation.
  • The Legislature will resume interim committee meetings the week of November 29, 2021. No other meetings are scheduled until the Regular Session convenes on January 11, 2022.
  • To access the FPMA Summary of Special Session 2021 B, click HERE.

Florida Podiatry PC Logo  

The Florida Podiatry Political Committee is the Florida State recognized independent arm of FPMA, created to provide financial support to bipartisan candidates for the Florida House and Senate. These officials decide how Podiatric Medicine is practiced in Florida. To find out more about Florida Podiatry PC, click here.

The Florida Podiatry PC created a Podiatric Fact Sheet, which is supplied to all of the candidates FPMA supports so when they are faced with medical legislation, Florida Podiatry will be included. Click here to access the Florida Podiatry PC Fact Sheet.

State of Florida Advocacy Links

FPMA Legislative Checklist

FPMA Office Visit Request Sample Letter

Online Sunshine (Official Internet Site of the Florida Legislature)

List of Florida Senators (by County)

List of Representatives of the Florida House (by County)


FPMA Key Legislative Contacts

If you are interested in becoming an FPMA Key Legislative Contact, please email the FPMA Governmental & Legislative Affairs committee co-chairs, Drs. Terence McDonald or Andre Williams, at or call FPMA Executive Director Karen Lambert directly at 850.224.4085.

New Legislation Impacting Podiatry

  • Find out about House Bill 241 ("Parents' Bill of Rights"), which was signed by Governor DeSantis on June 29, 2021 and took effect on July 1, 2021, by clicking HERE.
  • Find out about other new legislation via the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine website by clicking HERE

FPMA 2021 Legislative Tracking


FPMA Legislative Alert: Optional Services Restored (4/20/21)

Passage of FPMA 2021 Legislation:

On Thursday, April 8, 2021, Florida Podiatric Medical Association’s pro-Podiatry legislation, sponsored in the Florida House of Representatives by Representative Melony Bell (HB 17) and in the Florida Senate by Senator Ed Hooper (SB 170), made its final committee stop in the Senate, where it met with a vote of 40 Yeas and 0 Nays.

Key Elements of the FPMA 2021 Legislation:

  • Creation of a section of law in F.S. 461 dealing with the acts and duties of podiatric assistants.
  • Modified the requirement for instruction on controlled substances prescribing.
  • Included the practice of Podiatry to direct health care agreements.

Rep. Melony Bell
Senator Ed Hooper
Rep. Melony Bell
Senator Ed Hooper

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association profusely thanks our sponsors, FPMA members, and the FPMA lobbying team
for all of their efforts, which led to this success.

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The 2021 APMA State Advocacy Forum was held at The Whitley Hotel, Atlanta Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia from August 20 – 21, 2021. Coordinated by APMA’s Center for Professional Advocacy (CPA), the State Advocacy Forum is a biennial conference that provides an opportunity for state association leaders and representatives to discuss ongoing state legislative issues. The State Advocacy Forum is conducted in a host state to recognize that state component’s exceptional accomplishments in state advocacy (e.g., advocacy successes, relationship building). The Georgia Podiatric Medical Association was chosen due to its recent legislative successes, including updating amputation provisions and the state’s corporate practice of medicine.

For more information about the 2021 APMA State Advocacy Forum as well as links to a variety of guides and materials, click HERE.

APMA Advocacy Resources


The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Legislative Advocacy department and Legislative Committee provide members with current information about federal legislative issues. Click on the links below for more information.

APMA Federal Advocacy Information

APMA eAdvocacy Website


The APMA State Advocacy program area was established to assist APMA state components and members in their legislative efforts as well as to advance the priorities of Podiatric Medicine through legal and regulatory advocacy. Check out the links below for more information on APMA state advocacy.

APMA State Advocacy Information

Information About Grassroots Advocacy

APMA State Laws & Regulations Information

APMA Center for Professional Advocacy