About FPMA


FPMA Mission Statement: FPMA strives to promote Podiatric Physicians as the preferred providers of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, Ankle, & Lower Extremity in the State of Florida and elevate public knowledge of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at all levels throughout the state.

FPMA Vision: To be recognized as the leading voice and pre-eminent resource for the Podiatric Profession in the State of Florida.

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association (FPMA) was organized in 1927 for the purpose of advancing the science and art of Podiatric Medicine, promoting the benefits of scientific advancement in the treatment, prevention, and alleviation of podiatric ailments, and enhancing relationships within the Podiatric Medical profession and other groups dedicated to improving healthcare. FPMA currently unites more than 1,000 Podiatric Physicians in this common cause and serves as the voice for the profession in Florida and Washington, D.C. through Delegates to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

FPMA is dedicated to programs and activities that enhance the success of the Podiatric Physician. The Association functions on three levels:

  1. It represents its members statewide and nationally to affect beneficial change and stave off detrimental effects to Podiatric Physicians' practices through legislative action, policy monitoring, and representation.
  2. It offers services and programs dedicated to improving the professional competence of individual Podiatric Physicians.
  3. It provides information about how Podiatric Medicine benefits the health and well-being of the general public.

The Governing Process

The policymaking body of FPMA is the Executive Board (EB), which consists of the Executive Officers (EC), Component Presidents and representatives, and Past Presidents. The Executive Officers of FPMA include the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President. Officers are elected at the General Membership Meeting that is conducted during the Science and Management Symposium (SAM), which is held each January. Committee members are appointed by the President and Board meetings are held throughout the year. The Executive Officers and staff transact the business of the Association between Board meetings. FPMA operates under an annual budget that is approved by the General Membership.

To help serve its members better, the Association is divided into 23 Components. Component officers and members regularly schedule meetings throughout the year to discuss important local and state level issues and establish worthwhile programs and activities for the benefit of the members and local community. This organizational system assures rapid and direct communication between the individual components and FPMA.

The FPMA staff headquarters in Tallahassee employs a staff of professionals who are dedicated to serving the membership. These professionals handle all administrative matters, coordinate various official functions and conferences, coordinate lobbying efforts, develop and implement the public education and awareness program, and serve as a liaison office to other allied health professional organizations and governmental agencies.