Florida Podiatric Medical Society (FPMS)


What is FPMS?

The Florida Podiatric Medical Society (FPMS) was formed in 1927 to serve as the philanthropic arm of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association (FPMA). While it is separate from FPMA, the Society was formed by and for Association membership to assist in procuring new sources of funding, which are used for scholarships, academic awards, research projects, public and professional education, disaster relief, and podiatric care for homeless and other medically underserved populations. Every member of FPMA is automatically a member of FPMS.


FPMS Mission Statement

The FPMS Mission Statement is to encourage, solicit, and administer gifts and bequests for scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, all for the advancement of educational objectives in the field of Podiatric Medicine.

FPMS is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations made to the Society may be charitable contributions and may be fully deductible (check with your accountant).


What Does FPMS Do?

Over the years, FPMS fundraising efforts have aided FPMA with public education, philanthropy, and the establishment of scholarships for worthwhile students in pursuit of a podiatric medical career. The FPMS motto is "Giving Back to the Future of Podiatry".




FPMS Scholarships

FPMS offers a variety of scholarships, including:

  • Dr. Mark Lambert Scholarship - This scholarship is to be awarded to a student doctor who has demonstrated acumen in surgical areas of study or research. The annual award amount of $2,000 will be provided to a graduating student in the School of Podiatric Medicine and presented at the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine commencement.
  • FPMA Past President's Scholarship - This scholarship is given to a graduating podiatric student of the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine, located in Miami Shores, Florida. This scholarship provides $1,000 to a new graduate to help begin residency training. It is fully funded by Past Presidents of FPMA, who recognize the importance of fostering and nurturing a new career.
  • Dr. Harvey Kopelman Scholarship - This is presented at the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine White Coat Ceremony. It provides $1,000.00 to a second year podiatric student who has exhibited leadership among his/her colleagues. This scholarship was established by FPMS and Audrey Kopelman, widow of the late Dr. Harvey Kopelman. Dr. Kopelman served as FPMA President and dedicated more than 50 years of his medical practice to providing the best care possible to each of his patients, while promoting the podiatric profession.
  • Dr. Irving and Muriel Block Scholarship - This is presented at the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine's graduation ceremony and provides $250.00 to the top graduating Podiatric Radiology student.

2024 Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine (BUSPM)
FPMS Scholarship Recipients
The 2024 Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine (BUSPM) Commencement Ceremony took place on Saturday, April 27, 2024.
Picture of Student Doctor Sheena Cherukara
Student Doctor Sheena Cherukara was presented with the Dr. Mark Lambert Scholarship
on Saturday, April 27, 2024 during the BUSPM Commencement ceremony
Dr. Larissa Schmidt with Student Doctor Elizabeth Mendez
Student Doctor Elizabeth Mendez (right) was presented with both the FPMA Past President's Scholarship and
Dr. Irving and Muriel Block Scholarship by Larissa Schmidt, DPM, FPMA President (left),
on Saturday, April 27, 2024 during the BUSPM Commencement ceremony

  FPMS Altruistic Activities

The Society has demonstrated "effective altruism" through its projects with:

FPMS has also taken the lead role in sponsoring the annual Florida ADA Step Out Walk campaign. "Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes" is the signature fundraising walk of the American Diabetes Association. This event, which takes place in various cities throughout the U.S., has been taking place for over 25 years and has raised millions of dollars to stop diabetes. Various FPMA Components form walk teams, raise money, and man tables during the events.

FPMS has also provided many one-time charitable contributions to other worthwhile charities in the state of Florida. FPMS provided a grant to the Judeo-Christian Health Clinic in Tampa to aid Dr. Martin Port, an FPMA member and volunteer at the Clinic for several years, in supplying needy children with orthotics.

FPMS continues to be a supportive organization to FPMA in its efforts to educate the citizens of Florida about the benefits of podiatric care and the many advantages of seeking foot and ankle care from a Podiatric Physician member of FPMA.


How You Can Help

  1. FPMA members can include a contribution to FPMS when they are making their annual dues payment (a voluntary contribution amount of $25.00 is listed on the dues invoice and can be included with the dues payment).
  2. To make a donation to the Dr. Mark Lambert Scholarship, click HERE.
  3. You can donate to the FPMS Educational Foundation Campaign by clicking HERE.
  4. For those who have reached their life-long goals and are looking to give back to the podiatric profession, a trust donation can also be made to the Society. Click HERE to name the FPMS Educational Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary in your estate plan.
  5. Additional information about making an FPMS contribution can be found in the FPMS Brochure (click on the link below).
  6. If you are aware of a needy charity that the Society could partner with, feel free to contact Dr. Terence D. McDonald, FPMS President. The FPMA Board will review the organization and the event. FPMS is always striving to increase its presence and impact across Florida.

Additional Information


FPMS Officers

Appointed in 2021 (Expire in 2025)
John E. Baker, DPM
Robert Frimmel, DPM
Andrew M. Belis, DPM
Mark S. Block, DPM

Members per Bylaws (in 2021)
Alissa B. Zdancewicz, DPM
Cary M. Zinkin, DPM
John P. Goggin, DPM
Larissa M. Schmidt, DPM

Elected in 2022 (Expire in 2024)
Dennis R. Frisch, DPM
Robert A. Iannacone, DPM
John P. Goggin, DPM
Terence D. McDonald, DPM
Samir S. Vakil, DPM
Andre M. Williams, DPM

Terence D. McDonald, DPM (President)
Dennis R. Frisch, DPM (Vice President)
Andre M. Williams, DPM (Secretary)
Liana G. Seldin, DPM (FPMA Treasurer)