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Podiatric X-Ray Assistant Recertification

  • Podiatric X-Ray Assistants are on the same biennial (two-year) renewal cycle as Podiatric Physicians in the State of Florida. The current biennium runs from April 1, 2020 - March 31, 2022. As such, current licenses expire at midnight, Eastern Time, on March 31, 2022.
  • During each biennium, Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistants must obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH), which includes a 6-hour X-Ray Assistant program offered by FPMA and a two-hour mandatory Medical Errors course.
  • Once a Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistant has successfully completed the X-Ray Assistant program and Medical Errors course, it is their responsibility to renew their license by going to www.flhealthsource.gov and clicking the “Renew A License” button.
  • After a Podiatric X-Ray Assistant has renewed their license, please do not call FPMA regarding the issuance of the license. The Florida Department of Health (DOH) is the abiding entity that issues Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistant licenses, which begin with "PXA". The contact phone number for the Florida Department of Health is (850) 245-4444.
  • If you have any questions concerning recertification/licensure, please contact the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine Customer Contact Center at (850) 488-0595. Please do not call FPMA. The Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine is the entity that issues Podiatric X-Ray Assistant certification.
  • FPMA's role is to provide the course for recertification of Podiatric X-Ray Assistants and the course and exam for initial certification. FPMA is in no way involved in the Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistant licensing process.
  • The Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine mails out renewal applications to both Podiatric Physicians and Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistants during the months of November and December, prior to the end of each biennium. As such, Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistants need to make sure the Florida Department of Health has their current address.
  • See the "Useful Links" section on this page to access additional information concerning Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistant relicensure in the State of Florida.

Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistants licensed in Florida can attend the Podiatric X-Ray Assistant Program during the FPMA Science and Management Symposium (SAM) held in the Orlando, Florida area every year in January, or the FPMA Summer Conference, in order to earn required CECH for relicensure during the current biennium.

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association is approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education as a provider of continuing education in podiatric medicine.

Please Note:

  • If your PXA license was Delinquent before the renewal deadline, it will be moved to Null and Void status after the renewal deadline.
  • According to the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine, "Licensees requesting to reactivate their license from inactive or retired status are required to pay additional fees and comply with specific continuing education requirements. Please contact the board office at info@floridaspodiatricmedicine.gov to request reactivation requirements." This means that if a Certified Podiatric X-Ray Assistant's license has expired and needs to be renewed, they need to contact the BOARD (not FPMA) to find out what steps they will need to take next.
  • Basic X-Ray Machine Operators - Podiatric who are certified by the Bureau of Radiation Control cannot take the FPMA Podiatric X-Ray Assistant Recertification course to obtain CECH. It is recommended that these Basic X-Ray Machine Operators - Podiatric contact the Bureau of Radiation Control to obtain information regarding continuing education programs that are approved by the Bureau.