DPM Mentors/Student Recruitment

There is a serious need to get the word out to young people about the Podiatric profession. The issue of low podiatric student enrollment needs to be addressed and who would be a better group to "get the word out" about becoming a podiatrist than actual podiatrists?

Listed below are links to information concerning mentoring students that are considering a career in podiatry as well as student recruitment. FPMA has set a goal of getting 10% of our member podiatrists signed up with the DPM Mentors Network (we thank those of you who have signed up already!). The DPM Mentors Network matches students with podiatric physicians who practice near where they live or go to school. DPM mentors are also used as a resource for speaking requests to get the word out to students who might have an interest in pursuing podiatry as a career. Please get involved in this very worthwhile program!

Information/Resources for Podiatrists Information/Resources for Students
About the DPM Mentors Network A Career in Podiatry via the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) website
Become a Mentor - DPM Mentor Registration Student Information on Becoming a Podiatric Physician
DPM Mentors' Roles and Responsibilities Find a Mentor - Student Registration
DPM Reference Form for Podiatric School Office of Admissions Student Roles and Responsibilities (Pertaining to DPM Mentors)
Article: Student Recruitment - The Future of Podiatry is in Your Hands AACPM Web Page Geared Toward Students
Career Awareness Matters Brochure Messages to Students from Student Ambassadors to Podiatric Medicine
PowerPoint Presentation Aimed at High School Students AACPM Student Brochure (Prospective Student Reference Guide)
PowerPoint Presentation Aimed at College Students Podiatric Medical College Information Book
APMA Student Recruitment Webinar Recording (2/26/19)