DPM Mentors/Student Recruitment

There is a serious need to get the word out to young people about the Podiatric profession. The issue of low podiatric student enrollment needs to be addressed and who would be a better group to "get the word out" about becoming a podiatrist than actual podiatrists?

Listed below are links to information concerning student recruitment. FPMA has set a goal of getting 10% of our member podiatrists signed up as DPM Mentors (we thank those of you who have signed up already!). Please get involved in this very worthwhile program!

Information/Resources for PodiatristsInformation/Resources for Students
Article: Student Recruitment - The Future of Podiatry is in Your HandsThe Step Into Podiatry Website
Join the Mentor Network TodayThe Step Into Podiatry YouTube Video
APMA Student Recruitment Web PageFind a Mentor - Student Registration
Student Recruitment ToolkitThe DPM Journey YouTube Channel
APMA Student Recruitment Webinar Recording (2/26/19)
Please Note: The webinar doesn't actually begin until the 7 minute mark.
Podiatric Medical College Information Book