FPMA Leadership

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FPMA Executive Committee

Dr. Andre WilliamsPresident
Andre M. Williams, DPM
352 Milus Street
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
 Dr. Cary ZinkinTreasurer
Cary M. Zinkin, DPM
P.O. Box 4997
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Dr. Samir VakilPresident-Elect
Samir S. Vakil, DPM
352 Milus Street
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
 Dr. Alissa ZdancewiczSecretary
Alissa B. Zdancewicz, DPM
1611 53rd Avenue, W.
Bradenton, FL 34207
Dr. John GogginVice President
John P. Goggin, DPM
2209 S. 25th Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34953
 Dr. Andrew BelisImmediate Past President
Andrew M. Belis, DPM
12670 Creekside Lane, 3rd Floor
Fort Myers, FL 33919


FPMA Committees/Chairs

For more detailed descriptions of FPMA's 10 Standing Committees, click HERE.
Bylaws and Resolutions Committee: This committee receives and/or initiates written proposed amendments to the FPMA Bylaws and/or resolutions, and submits them to the FPMA Executive Board.

Chair: Terence D. McDonald, DPM
Ethics and Grievance Committee: This committee investigates ethics inquiries or complaints against or concerning members of the association.

Chair: Joseph H. Strickland, DPM
Nomination Committee: Members of this committee serve as election judges and conduct balloting.

Chair: Mark A. Lambert, DPM
Budget, Ways and Means Committee: This committee prepares each annual budget and submits it for approval to the FPMA Executive Board.

Co-Chairs: John P. Goggin, DPM and Cary M. Zinkin, DPM
Convention Committee: This committee is responsible for the planning and administration of FPMA's annual conference (SAM), along with other meetings and conferences assigned to it by the President or Executive Board.

General Chairs: Dennis R. Frisch, DPM and Barney A. Greenberg, DPM
Committee on Insurance Affairs: This committee represents the association at all APMA CAC and PIAC conferences and educates association members in all matters of insurance.

Chair: Mark S. Block, DPM
Committee on Governmental and Legislative Affairs: This committee initiates and coordinates legislative activity for the association, working closely with the association's Lobbyist.

Chair: Joseph H. Strickland, DPM
Committee on Professional Services: This committee orchestrates involvement in the Central Labor Council of the Florida AFL-CIO and attends all Guild 45 meetings.

Chair: Terence D. McDonald, DPM
Committee on Public Affairs: This committee oversees and coordinates all FPMA public affairs activities.

Chair: Adriana Strimbu, DPM
Membership Committee: This committee oversees and coordinates FPMA membership-related issues.

Chairs: Bradley C. Haves, DPM (Membership Development); Samir S. Vakil, DPM (Membership Services/Corporate Affinity; and Larissa McDonough Schmidt, DPM (Young Practitioners)

Past Presidents

Past Presidents of FPMA

J.C. Brown, DPM (1922)*Sidney R. Weinberg, DPM (1978)*
Otto Tonissen, DPM (1923-24)*Robert H. Eder, DPM (1979)*
James M. Adams, DPM (1925)*Warren L. Simmonds, DPM (1980)
Harry Danser, DPM (1926)*Frederick I. Pearl, DPM (1981)*
Fred L. Porter, DPM (1927)*Bruce N. "Biff" Kramer, DPM (1982)
Scofield Lewy, DPM (1928)*Lionel Goldstein, DPM (1983)
Raymond Thompson, DPM (1929)*Murray B. Goldstein, DPM (1984)*
Herbert Lewy, DPM (1930)*Arnold V. Signer, DPM (1985-86)
Thomas J. Henchency, DPM (1930-34)*Briant G. Moyles, DPM (1987)
Harry Young, DPM (1935)*Stephen Petrofsky, DPM (1988)
Joy E. Adams, DPM (1935-38)*Stephen M. Meritt, DPM (1989)
Richard Halton, DPM (1939)*Arthur C. Haspel, DPM (1990)
William A. Davis, DPM (1940)*Joseph L. Sindone, DPM (1991)
Edward A. Hurd, DPM (1941-44)*Gerald E. Walker, DPM (1992)
Heywood A. Dowling, DPM (1945-47)*Martin Port, M.S., DPM (1993)
Herbert Feinberg, DPM (1948-49)*Thomas P. Broner, DPM (1994)
Eugene Weiss, DPM (1950)*Dennis R. Frisch, DPM (1995)
William E. Ellison, DPM (1951-52)*Roberta Giudice-Teller, DPM (1996)
Rollie Dryfuse, DPM (1953-54)*Barney A. Greenberg, DPM (1997)
Fred N. Laubenthal, DPM (1955)*Donald J. Popper, DPM (1998)
Allan S. Horn, DPM (1956-57)*Joseph H. Strickland, DPM (1999)
Morris Marcus, DPM (1958-59)*Edward A. Fazekas, DPM (2000)
John J. McCaffrey, DPM (1960-61)*Robert Frimmel, DPM (2001)
Robert A. Giudice, DPM (1962)*Timothy H. Tillo, DPM (2002-03)
Irving H. Block, DPM (1963)*Cary M. Zinkin, DPM (2004)
Seymour Leopold, DPM (1964)*Robert D. Katz, DPM (2005)
David A. Stone, DPM (1965)*Roger G. Beck, DPM (2006)
Elba W. Trice, DPM (1966)*Mark S. Block, DPM (2007)
John P. Sweet, DPM (1967)*Linda L. Alexander, DPM (2008)
Rudolph J. Prochaska, DPM (1968)*Bradley C. Haves, DPM (2009)
Earl R. Horowitz, DPM (1969)Terence D. McDonald, DPM (2010)
Nicholas G. Kayal, DPM (1970)*Robert A. Iannacone, DPM (2011)
James G. Strickland, DPM (1971)Samir S. Vakil, DPM (2012)
Seymour Z. Beiser, DPM (1972)John E. Baker, DPM (2013)
Sheldon Willens, DPM (1973)Maria G. Noll, DPM (2014)
Harvey M. Kopelman, DPM (1974)*Stephen F. Levin, DPM (2015)
William J. Beaton, DPM (1975)Paul D. Brooks, DPM (2016)
Owen P. Macken, DPM (1976)Mark A. Lambert, DPM (2017)
James V. Stelnicki, DPM (1977)Andrew M. Belis, DPM (2018)