FPMA Ethics and Grievance Committee


The FPMA Ethics and Grievance Committee is one of FPMA's 10 Standing Committees. This committee, which consists of the FPMA Secretary and three or more eligible members, receives ethics inquiries or complaints against or concerning members of the Association; investigates and makes inquiries into such ethics inquiries and complaints (in consultation with the association General Counsel when necessary); determines their nature and degree of authenticity; and, if authentic and the facts constitute an ethics violation, determines the degree of seriousness. The committee also serves, when possible and feasible, as an arbitrator or mediator between the complainant and practitioner to resolve problems informally, rapidly, and expeditiously in the best interest of the public and profession.

Because the FPMA Ethics and Grievance Committee investigates complaints concerning FPMA members, this can be considered an FPMA member benefit. The committee strives to handle complaints in a timely, fair, and unbiaseded fashion. FPMA is the initial entity to investigate these types of complaints. If a complaint cannot be resolved by the committee, the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine gets involved.

Many podiatrists facing discipline claim they did not know. However, according to the Florida Board of Podiatric Medicine:

Not knowing does not alleviate accountability. Become familiar with the Grounds for Discipline found in Section 456.072(1), Florida Statutes (F.S.), and possible Disciplinary Actions found in the Podiatric Medicine Practice Act – Section 461.013, F.S.

If you are experiencing an ethics issue that rises to the level of investigation by the FPMA Ethics and Grievance Committee, please initiate confidential contact with Karen N. Lambert, FPMA Executive Director, at klambert@fpma.com.