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For more information on becoming a member of the Florida Podiatric Medical Association and the FPMA dues structure, which is based on your category of membership (see below) as well as the date you join, please contact or call 1-800-277-3338.

There are currently ten categories of membership in FPMA, however, there may be changes made to these categories in 2018. Active and Senior Members must be duly licensed to practice Podiatric Medicine in the State of Florida, accepted by a vote of the general membership, and become a member of a local Component.

  • Active Membership—A Podiatric Physician meeting the above qualifications may be eligible for Active Membership. An Active Member has the rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote, hold office, and serve on committees, and is entitled to all credentials issued by the Association.
  • Colleague Membership—A Podiatric Physician who is lawfully practicing in Florida under governmental employment whereby Florida licensure is not required, or a Podiatric Physician who is not licensed in Florida but is residing in Florida and is a Life Member of APMA from another state, may be elected to Colleague Membership.
  • Faculty Membership—A Podiatric Physician employed in a full-time teaching or research position at a College of Podiatric Medicine who is not in private practice may be elected to Faculty Membership.
  • Honorary Membership—A non-Podiatric Physician who has performed exemplary public service or otherwise contributed to the advancement of the Podiatric Profession and public health so as to be worthy of special recognition by the Florida Podiatric Medical Association shall be awarded Honorary Membership.
  • Life Membership—A Podiatric Physician who has been an active member in good standing of APMA for 25 consecutive years and is at that time a member of FPMA and has fully retired from practice, or a member for 15 years having reached the age of 65 and is completely retired, may be elected to Life Membership.
  • Non-Practicing Membership—A Podiatric Physician who has not been engaged in the practice of Podiatric Medicine for a minimum of one year is eligible for Non-Practicing Membership.
  • Permanently Disabled Membership—A Podiatric Physician who is totally disabled and cannot practice podiatry and is under the care of a doctor is eligible for Permanently Disabled Membership.
  • Resident Membership—A Podiatric Physician who is participating in a recognized residency program in Florida and is a member of APMA is eligible for Resident Membership.
  • Senior Membership—A Podiatric Physician who has been an active member in good standing for 15 consecutive years, has reached retirement provided by the Social Security Administration, and is receiving Social Security Benefits or has been forced into curtailment due to illness, and is actively engaged in practice for no more than 10 hours a week, shall be eligible for Senior Membership.
  • Student Membership—Any student matriculating at the Barry University School of Graduate Medical Services is eligible for Student Membership.

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