Membership in FPMA is a professional investment. FPMA is a vital state Association whose administrative staff and consultants, elected officers, committee chairmen, and committee members are actively working on a broad scope of professional and public issues. The Association is a positive force, both in Florida and nationally, in safeguarding Podiatric Medicine, expanding and enhancing the standard of care of Podiatric Physicians, eliminating or counteracting professional discrimination, and ensuring the continuity of the Profession. The Association offers many services and programs to its members, including:

  • First National Guild for Health Care Providers of the Lower Extremity. This organization assists FPMA and APMA in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere with many issues. Through affiliation with the Guild and dues paid to them, membership services, including mortgage and real estate programs, low rate and long-term loan programs, and legal assistance, are available.
  • The Florida Podiatric Medical Society. The Florida Podiatric Medical Society was formed for the purpose of providing scientific, educational, research, and philanthropic programs relating to the Podiatric medical profession. While it is separate from the FPMA, the Society was formed by and for the Association membership to assist in procuring new sources of funding, including corporate grants, personal donations, life insurance, and wills, which are used for scholarships, academic awards, research projects, public and professional education, disaster relief, and podiatric care for homeless and other medically underserved populations. Every member of the Association is automatically a member of the Society.
  • Member Benefit Programs. FPMA, through the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), the Guild, PMAF, and FPMA Services, offers its members participation in group health, life, disability, business, and malpractice insurance coverage. FPMA is also a valuable source of information for its members. For the new member, a comprehensive New Member Manual is available, which is full of excellent advice for new FPMA members, as well as newly practicing Podiatric Physicians. Expert advice about Human Resource Management is also available to members through FPMA's affiliation with Seay Management Consultants, Inc. A complete list of all benefits is available by contacting FPMA Membership Coordinator.
  • Insurance Representation. Through the FPMA Insurance Committee, FPMA represents the profession on healthcare matters with health insurance carriers and federal and state intermediaries. This Committee works diligently to ensure equitable handling and full recognition of Podiatric treatment. Timely updates to FPMA members on important insurance matters are immediately available through the efforts of this Committee and educational seminars keep members abreast of the latest reimbursement procedures.
  • Legislative Involvement. Working closely with lobbyists and legislative liaisons in every FPMA Component, FPMA constantly monitors state government activity relative to the concerns of Podiatric Medicine. The Legislative team introduces bills and amendments into legislation, and monitors and responds to every piece of impending legislation, bill enacted, and government agency directive that affects FPMA's interests. The Association also aggressively pursues anti-discrimination legislation. This vital activity ensures that the Profession continues to meet the healthcare needs of the public.
  • Networking. Dedicated staff members and officers make sure that FPMA members are kept apprised of rapid changes and advancements occurring in the healthcare field. Close affiliations with other Podiatric Physicians offer every member an opportunity for personal and professional success.
  • Professional Development through Continuing Education. Attendance of FPMA’s annual Science and Management Symposium (SAM) offers FPMA members a broad spectrum of medical, surgical, and practice management topics presented by widely recognized speakers, while providing Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) credits necessary for licensure renewal in Florida. SAM attendance is included in the FPMA dues structure at no additional cost to members. Many local Components also offer continuing medical education programs throughout the year.
  • Public Affairs Programs. FPMA, through its Public Affairs Committee and staff, the Public Affairs/Website Coordinator maintains an active and successful Program to inform and educate the public about foot health and the function of the Podiatric Physician as the Doctor of Foot Specialties. FPMA maintains an extensive library of audiovisual materials, available to all members, including PowerPoint slide presentations, pamphlets, brochures, displays, posters, media kits, and much more.
  • Publications. FPMA members receive two issues of FPMA Footprints annually. FPMA Footprints is an internally produced magazine that covers FPMA activities as well as developments in Podiatric Medicine. Members also receive many APMA publications and updates covering national activities. An FPMA Membership Directory is provided to all members as well.
  • Referral Network. Through its "800" number, FPMA receives many requests for podiatric physician referrals. The credibility offered by membership in FPMA is a valuable practice asset.

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