Mission Statement: FPMA strives to promote Podiatric Physicians as the preferred providers of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, Ankle, & Lower Extremity in the State of Florida and elevate public knowledge of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at all levels throughout the state.

Vision: To be recognized as the leading voice and pre-eminent resource for the Podiatric Profession in the State of Florida.

FPMA Media Room

FPMA is a Tallahassee-based, statewide, professional association representing podiatric physicians in Florida. Founded in 1927 for the purpose of advancing the science and art of Podiatric Medicine, FPMA is dedicated to promoting the importance of podiatric healthcare among the general public and healthcare professionals throughout the state of Florida. FPMA currently has over 1,000 members and represents 70% of the active, licensed podiatric physicians in Florida.

Media Contact:
Becky Reese
Public Affairs/Website Coordinator
Florida Podiatric Medical Association
(850) 224-4085


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