FPMA Young Member Seminar Series


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Past Seminar Recordings:


The Future is Approaching Quickly...What Will You Do With It?
Presented by Cindy Pezza, PMAC and David M. Schweibish, DPM on March 24, 2022


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Young Member Seminar Series: "Contracts 101"
Presented by Jason Winn, Esq., Larissa Schmidt, DPM, and Samir Vakil, DPM on November 16, 2021


Young Member Seminar Series: "PICA: The Young Practitioner's Toolkit"
Presented by Adrianne Ross, DPM on September 21, 2021


Young Member Seminar Series: "Fellowships"
Presented by Andrew M. Belis, DPM, FACFAS and Adam Perler, DPM, FACFAS on April 20, 2021