OPEIU Guild Member Benefits

The First National Guild for Healthcare Providers of the Lower Extremity is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO's Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU).

There are many ways that OPEIU Guild membership can benefit your bottom line. Here is a list of benefits available to those with Guild membership:

  1. Auto buying service that helps you save time and money when buying a new car or truck, including discounted auto insurance and tires.
  2. Union Plus Motor Club that is less expensive than AAA.
  3. Computer and cell phone discounts.
  4. Credit card with competitive rates.
  5. Entertainment discounts on entrance fees to theme parks, sporting events, and more.
  6. Discounts on health insurance and other health related benefits.
  7. Mortgages for members.
  8. Insurance for auto, life, accidental death, and more.
  9. Union Plus Legal Service.
  10. Student scholarships.
  11. Shopping and gift discounts.
  12. Union Plus Travel Center.

To find out more about these and other OPEIU Union Plus Benefits, go to http://www.unionplus.org/union-member-benefits-OPEIU.

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