Mission Statement: FPMA strives to promote Podiatric Physicians as the preferred providers of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot, Ankle, & Lower Extremity in the State of Florida and elevate public knowledge of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at all levels throughout the state.

Vision: To be recognized as the leading voice and pre-eminent resource for the Podiatric Profession in the State of Florida.

FPMA Executive Board


FPMA Executive Committee

Mark A. Lambert, DPM
4850 N. 9th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32503

First Vice President
Andrew M. Belis, DPM
12670 Creekside Lane,
3rd Floor
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Second Vice President
Andre M. Williams, DPM
352 Milus Street
Punta Gorda, FL 33950

John P. Goggin, DPM
2209 S. 25th Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34953

Sona Ramdath, DPM
1890 LPGA Blvd., #230
Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Immediate Past President
Paul D. Brooks, DPM
2201 East Nine Mile Road
Pensacola, FL 32514


FPMA Component Presidents

Arlo H. Yaege, DPM

North Central Florida
Sheila Noroozi, DPM

Northeast Florida
Jorg A. Bober, DPM

East Central Florida
Robert A. Iannacone, DPM

Gulf Central Florida
Russell W. Rowan, DPM

FPMA Past Presidents

FPMA Past Presidents at SAM 2017
Standing (left to right): Dr. Seymour Z. Beiser, Dr. Joseph L. Sindone, Dr. Bruce N. “Biff” Kramer, Dr. Robert Frimmel, Dr. Cary M. Zinkin,
Dr. Joseph H. Strickland, Dr. Dennis R. Frisch, Dr. Bradley C. Haves, Dr. Edward A. Fazekas, Dr. Barney A. Greenberg, Dr. Paul D. Brooks,
Dr. Stephen Petrofsky, Dr. Stephen M. Meritt, Dr. Mark S. Block, Dr. William J. Beaton, Dr. James V. Stelnicki
Seated (left to right): Dr. Terence D. McDonald, Dr. John E. Baker, Dr. Stephen F. Levin, Dr. Robert A. Iannacone, Dr. Donald J. Popper

FPMA Past Presidents

Earl R. Horowitz, DPM (1969)

Barney A. Greenberg, DPM (1997)

James G. Strickland, DPM (1971)

Donald J. Popper, DPM (1998)

Seymour Z. Beiser, DPM (1972)

Joseph H. Strickland, DPM (1999)

Sheldon Willens, DPM (1973)

Edward A. Fazekas, DPM (2000)

William J. Beaton, DPM (1975)

Robert Frimmel, DPM (2001)

James V. Stelnicki, DPM (1977)

Timothy H. Tillo, DPM (2002 - 2003)

Warren L. Simmonds, DPM (1980)

Cary M. Zinkin, DPM (2004)

Bruce N. "Biff" Kramer, DPM (1982)

Robert D. Katz, DPM (2005)

Lionel Goldstein, DPM (1983)

Roger G. Beck, DPM (2006)

Murray B. Goldstein, DPM (1984)

Mark S. Block, DPM (2007)

Arnold V. Signer, DPM (1985 - 1986)

Linda L. Alexander, DPM (2008)

Briant G. Moyles, DPM (1987)

Bradley C. Haves, DPM (2009)

Stephen Petrofsky, DPM (1988)

Terence D. McDonald, DPM (2010)

Stephen M. Meritt, DPM (1989)

Robert A. Iannacone, DPM (2011)

Joseph L. Sindone, DPM (1991)

Samir S. Vakil, DPM (2012)

Martin Port, MS, DPM (1993)

John E. Baker, DPM (2013)

Thomas P. Broner, DPM (1994)

Maria G. Noll, DPM (2014)

Dennis R. Frisch, DPM (1995)

Stephen F. Levin, DPM (2015)

Roberta Giudice-Teller, DPM (1996)

Paul D. Brooks, DPM (2016)

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